Update & Installation to Nextcloud-3.5.2-x64 // Windows 11 64bit failed

Hello all,

I was able to update to Nextcloud client Nextcloud-3.5.2-x64 today - so far the theory.

Operating system: Windows 11 Pro, 64Bit, Built 22621.232
All Updates are installed
Security software: Bitdefender TotalSecurity,

The setup program completely uninstalled the current operation version and then wanted to install the above Nextcloud version. Nothing happened for a long time … until this error message came up:

The Windows Installer Service could net be accessed.
This can cour if you are running Windows in safe mode or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personal for assistance.

Ok … the Windows Installer service had deactivated itself. I restarted this manually umpteen times afterwards. I am also logged in with my user as admin.

Every time I start the Nextcloud-Installer, nothing happens for a long time, until (I suspect it) the Nextcloud-Installer terminates the Windows-Installer and then reports again with the above error message. This is annoying.

I tried to install an older Nextcloud version. Again, the same problems.

Other programs, on the other hand, install beautifully just as intended. I therefore suspect that some process in the Nextcloud installer is causing stress here and is buggy.

What can I do?

Check the Bitdefender logs. I guess, that Bitdefender may kill the Nextcloud installation process as a false positive malware detection.

On the other hand you can remove Bitdefender and try to install Nextcloud client again. After that re-install Bitdefender and you will find the “evil”.
If it is so again, you should be able to set in the Bitfender configuration an exception, not to check Nextcloud temporary installation files (temp-folder) and excutables.

Did you run the installer from a network drive?

Hello Mornsgrans,

thanks for your tip about Bitdefender - that was the solution. I completely disabled Bitdefender, disabled all protection components, then started the Nextcloud setup - and the process went through without a hitch! I then re-enabled Bitdefender and everything is running beautifully. Thanks for the tip!

Hello Sanook,

No, the Nextcloud setup file was on my local desktop.

Addendum: Even if Bitdefender was the culprit now … I will definitely not delete or say goodbye to Bitdefender, because I am otherwise very satisfied with the software.

So, please re-read the last paragraph of my posting above :wink: otherwise you might get into the same trouble at the next update of Nextcloud desktop client.