Update from Nextcloud 13.0.12 PHP 5.6 to 14.0.12 PHP 7.3


I am trying to update Nextcloud from version 13.0.12 to 14.0.12 to begin with. I am currently on PHP 5.6. When I activated PHP 7.3, and then tried to access the Nextcloud instance. I was then met with a message telling me my Nextcloud version, (again 13.0.12) was not compatible with PHP 7.3. Yet, I cannot start an upgrade to 14.0.12 when on PHP 5.6. So, it feels like if I am in a locked position here.

How should I go ahead with this errand?

Thank you /

Hello Falken,

just a question:
Why dont you just go ahead with PHP7.0 or PHP7.2 and upgrade to php7.3 afterwards (after you went up to NC14)?

Thank you for your reply.

The update was made from my server provider, and it has taken great time for them to supply me with the 7.3 version. I dont think asking for an older version now is the right way to go.

I am running my Nextcloud instance on an Asustor-7009RDX, which is Linux-based but yet, based on the makers ADM which makes clean Linux applets complicated to install. Therefore, I asked Asustor if they would release an PHP update via the appstore, which they did now - PHP 7.3.

So, I hope there is another way…

No prob.

Upgrading in huge steps from one php version to another is not recommended in most cases.
Like you said: you got stuck in a f***** up situation.

According to my experience with php, you wont be able to get it up working again without changing php to a former version…(shame on me if there is a way that I dont know yet).
If you have still a working instance, I would try to make a backup (Should be mentioned in the Documentation) and set up a new instance if possible.

Unfortunantly I have no other idea…

I have PHP 5.6 running again right now, by simply disabling PHP 7.3 from Asustors App-central. So, I am not f***** as of right now. But I would like to be able to update from this situation.

Do you mean that I am out of luck unless I can lay my hands on PHP 7.2? (Which will not happen…)

Yes I guess you have no chance to upgrade from this situation without php7.0 or php7.2.

I think you have to possible ways to solve it:

  • Get hands on php7.0 / 7.2 (what you dont like to do)
  • Backup your Instance and try a fresh installation with NC15 (what should support php7.3) and
    after update apply your former backup

Or if with a bit of luck, somebody has an other idea.

If you have CLI access, you can try a manual upgrade?

You could modify the version check to trick the update process.
Increase the version to ‘7.4.0’ in file: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/blob/stable13/lib/versioncheck.php#L13.

Note: It isn’t necessary to revert the changes after the update to Nextcloud 14.

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Thank you, this works. But now it fails at this instead:

The following extra files have been found:

  • .@datasync_temp

Any ideas? I cant find this file.


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