Update from NC 23.0.11 to 24.0.7 "file access control "and "group folders" incompatible

Hello Community,
while updating our Nextcloud server from 23.0.11 to, by checking the availibilty of new version, we see taht for NC-, there are compatible apps for file_accesscontrol and groupfolders. Because this twos are the mains Apps we use, we started the update. At end of the opdate, we get the information tha those apps are not compatible und hast been disabled.
What ist total in opposition to want we observed bevor starting the Update.
We check in the apps and saw tath there are still activated.
So our Problem ist following:

  • ist the app “Group folder” for the version 11.1.6 compatible with NC- ?
  • ist the app “File Access Control” for the version 1.13.1 compatible with NC- ?
    Has anybody meet this issue by updating his NC-Server ?
    how can it be resolved?
    Thank you for help


Not sure about the cause, but I can tell you those two apps are definitely available in NC 24. Were your apps up to date before you started the NC upgrade?

I have NC 24.0.7 and Group Folders 12.0.2.

Hello Karl F12, thanks for Answer, Yes all apps were up to date. Actually we are running NC 24.0.7 and Group Folder 11.1.6.

By updating our Nextcloud server to 25.0.2 with php8.1, we did not have any more the opposited messages about the compatibility for the apps access Control and group folder.
I Hope it will be helpful for those who meet the same Problem.