Update from NC 19 to 2X - Error InvalidArgumentException: Migration step


I’m trying to update my Nextcloud (after some months of power off).
My actual version is (from config.php).

When I open the WebUI, I have to update to 20.0.7 (normal, I think I need to update to all majors versions).

When I tried the first time, I had more apps but now I have this:

Nextcloud sera mis à jour vers la version 20.0.7
Les applications suivantes vont être mises à jour :

Accessibility (accessibility)
Activity (activity)
Cloud Federation API (cloud_federation_api)
Comments (comments)
Contacts Interaction (contactsinteraction)
WebDAV (dav)
Federated file sharing (federatedfilesharing)
Files (files)
PDF viewer (files_pdfviewer)
Right click (files_rightclick)
File sharing (files_sharing)
Deleted files (files_trashbin)
Versions (files_versions)
Video player (files_videoplayer)
First run wizard (firstrunwizard)
Log Reader (logreader)
Nextcloud announcements (nextcloud_announcements)
Notifications (notifications)
Photos (photos)
Privacy (privacy)
Provisioning API (provisioning_api)
Recommendations (recommendations)
Monitoring (serverinfo)
Nextcloud settings (settings)
Share by mail (sharebymail)
Support (support)
Usage survey (survey_client)
Collaborative tags (systemtags)
Text (text)
Theming (theming)
Two factor backup codes (twofactor_backupcodes)
Update notification (updatenotification)
Viewer (viewer)
Nextcloud workflow engine (workflowengine)

Veuillez vous assurer qu’une copie de sauvegarde de la base de données, du dossier de configuration (config) et du dossier de données (data) a été réalisée avant de commencer.

and then…

Mise à jour vers 20.0.7

InvalidArgumentException: Migration step ‘OCA\Files\Migration\Version12101Date20221011153334’ is unknown
Journaux détaillés
Préparation de la mise à jour
Réglage du niveau de journalisation à “déboguage”
Mode de maintenance activé
Étape de réparation : Repair MySQL collation
Informations de réparation : All tables already have the correct collation → nothing to do
Étape de réparation : Repair SQLite autoincrement
Étape de réparation : Copy data from accounts table when migrating from ownCloud
Étape de réparation : Drop account terms table when migrating from ownCloud
Mise à jour du schéma de la base de données
Base de données mise à jour
InvalidArgumentException: Migration step ‘OCA\Files\Migration\Version12101Date20221011153334’ is unknown

I think that it’s the “Files” apps…

Have you an idea?

The Version12101Date20221011153334 file:


namespace OCA\Files\Migration;

use Closure;
use OCP\DB\ISchemaWrapper;
use OCP\DB\Types;
use OCP\Migration\IOutput;
use OCP\Migration\SimpleMigrationStep;

class Version12101Date20221011153334 extends SimpleMigrationStep {
public function changeSchema(IOutput $output, Closure $schemaClosure, array $options): ?ISchemaWrapper {
/** @var ISchemaWrapper $schema */
$schema = $schemaClosure();

  $table = $schema->createTable('open_local_editor');
  $table->addColumn('id',Types::BIGINT, [
  	'autoincrement' => true,
  	'notnull' => true,
  	'length' => 20,
  	'unsigned' => true,
  $table->addColumn('user_id', Types::STRING, [
  	'notnull' => true,
  	'length' => 64,
  $table->addColumn('path_hash', Types::STRING, [
  	'notnull' => true,
  	'length' => 64,
  $table->addColumn('expiration_time', Types::BIGINT, [
  	'notnull' => true,
  	'unsigned' => true,
  $table->addColumn('token', Types::STRING, [
  	'notnull' => true,
  	'length' => 128,

  $table->addUniqueIndex(['user_id', 'path_hash', 'token'], 'openlocal_user_path_token');

  return $schema;


From the terminal:

docker exec -it nextcloud occ migrations:status files
Nextcloud or one of the apps require upgrade - only a limited number of commands are available
You may use your browser or the occ upgrade command to do the upgrade

In MigrationService.php line 458:

Migration step ‘OCA\Files\Migration\Version12101Date20221011153334’ is unknown


Nobody can help me? :frowning: