Update from 17.0.3 to nextcloud 18 is not offered in the administration

I just migrated my owncloud to nextcloud 12.??? and then updated successfully until version 17.0.3. But although on nextcloud.com a version 18 installation file is offered, it’s not possible to update to version 18 in the administration page of nextcloud.
is there something special I have to do for version 18?
Thanks in adance

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That’s a normal behavior if you are on the stable updatechanel.
In that chanel NC 18 will be earliested be offered with release of 18.0.1.
If you want to update now, you have to switch to the beta chanel. But beware that there have been foundat least one serious bug in 18.0.0 with will be solved with 18.0.1; or you should patch manually.

p.e.: [NC 18.0] Attention! Possible loss of all your shares. Better implement fix now

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Thx for that information. I’m new to nextcloud and I didn’t know. Just wondering that the latest version on the webpage is 18, not 17.xxx.

Stability is highest priority, I won’t update then. Thank you!