Update from 11.0.1 to 11.0.2 stuck

the updater shows.

Check for write permissions
The following places can not be written to:

it is on my own virtual hosted setup. ownership shows ok, read 'n write shows ok. Downloading and installing apps never is a problem.
Can it be having the datafolder on a mounted disk /mnt/disk instead of /data/ is the cause? I see a updater-ocbladibla folder created in the data folder on my remote disk the date and time set to the moment I wanted to do the update. The content of the folder however is from previous updates … (from before I moved data folder to remote disk, nothing with the current date and time)

deck.tar.gz is not part of the distribution but something you uploaded manually, probably using another userID while installing the deck app. You should try to remove this file and try again.
Did you check the ownership of the deck app files, as well?

mmmh I see… I indeed uploaded deck previously manually, but all is the appropriate user and permissions… and it sure is not in the updater folder… it is in the apps folder.

uninstalling deck doesn’t solve it.

update… found a tar.gz file in apps root. deleted it and now it updates… still wonder why is wines about permissions in a complete different folder though