Update from 10.0.2 to 11 through updater does not work

I switch to beta-channel on 10.0.2 and it shows me there is an update to 11.0. it is also advertised at the top of the page. The updater does not do anything though, says, no update available. I know I can do it manualy, just curious why the updater does not see the available update.

Hi, did u set the correct permissions for a update with the updater app ?


I also updated from 10.0.2 to 11 with updater app, it runs fine but at 11 i have a lot of browser console errorsā€¦


Yes, I did. Everything belongs to www-user:www-user. But the app does not even see the update, says, 10.0.2 is up to date. If the perms wer wrong, it would start and then run into an error.

You have to switch temporary for the beta channel. After the update, revert back to the stable one.

The first 4 words of my initial post will tell you that I did exactly that :slight_smile:

Am I really the only one with this problem?

Have you refreshed the admin page? I switched to beta channel and hit F5, then the updater said that there is a new version. Clicking the button opened the update page and also there the button was active.

Been refreshing for days. The admin page tells me to start the updater to get 11.0.0, but after I open the updater, that says, I am uptodate with 10.0.2. I will wait another day or two and then update manualy. But that does not solve the bug.

Do I need to temporarily switch to the beta channel in order to upgrade from 10.0.2 to 11?

Yes. After upgade just switch back to stableā€¦

I have tried everything I know of and the path noted does not exist