Update failure 13.0.4 I/O error

recently tried to update to 13.0.4 from 13.0.0
Got this error message:

Update vorbereiten
Log-Level auf “debug” gesetzt
Wartungsmodus eingeschaltet
Doctrine\DBAL\Exception\DriverException: An exception occurred while executing ‘CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE __temp__oc_accounts AS SELECT uid, data FROM oc_accounts’: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 10 disk I/O error

Couple of days before that switched to SSL, don´t know,
if this affects is.

Has anybody an idea what to do?


Is your disk full? Can you access your database on the command line?

Meanwhile the Hoster helped.
It turned out, that it`s not allowed anymore for NextCloud/SQlite to write to the root level.
They added a line to the config file, and now the update concluded.
But now i have error messages when trying to add a new user …

You can set the tmp/-folder into your document root so it won’t be done on the root level. It’s this option in your config/config.php:

* Override where Nextcloud stores temporary files. Useful in situations where
* the system temporary directory is on a limited space ramdisk or is otherwise
* restricted, or if external storages which do not support streaming are in
* use.
* The Web server user must have write access to this directory.
'tempdirectory' => '/tmp/nextcloudtemp',

That is a different issue, please make a new topic if you need help

I tried that one:

'tempdirectory' => '/tmp/nextcloudtemp',

but it didn´t help.

The hoster put that one at the beginning, which helped:

Sorry, I didn’t check the post after I submitted and some code was escaped.