Update failed, now no Login and reinstall


After my update over NCP Web Panel failed, now I get a screen to set a new Username etc…

How I get a new install?? It’s Debian on an old WinServer.

I have try it with curl… but I get a message that there is a „Installation“ existing.
I‘m so sad :sob:

That probably means that an update of Nextcloud was aborted half-way. Ideally: restore a backup, then fix your ncp installation

@theCalcaholic thats possible…

I can’t change it. Now I want to have a clear install. Is there a way ? With curl I can’t start a new install.

I have a data-backup. I have only Setup the NC…that’s not (my) a problem.

I want to have a clear install with the latest Software.

What’s the way to fix or reinstall NCPI?

You will have to reinstall debian in order to restart the instalation script. Or, you can go for the LXD/LXC container, which is easier to handle but doesn’t give you NCP’s snapshot feature (they have their own though).

In either case, reinstalling the host operating system is the right course of action. If you are running NCP on a single board computer, download the latest image for you board and install it to the SD card. If you want to go the container route, Proxmox VE might be a good alternative for you (it’s a container/VM management interface). It can be installed just like you would install debian.

No, I use an Acer Aspire HomeServer.

I don’t want to reinstall my OS. I want only reinstall NCPI. Can I remove it ? Than install….

It’s not possible to “just reinstall NCP” if you have used the curl installer to set it up.

Oh no :speak_no_evil:

Can I remove it manually ?

Not reliably, no

Shit…that’s not really good

That’s just how this works. NCP is designed to be a self-contained system that’s not tinkered with manually.
The installer makes a lot of changes to the OS and it won’t work again unless presented a fresh system.
That’s one reason to choose one of the container options (LXD or LXC) or a VM, which make reinstallations a walk in the park.

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My problem, I have a raid system what I want to use. With containers I think it’s not possible…

Sure is. The raid setup is managed by the host OS and will be used by containers (which have virtual disks on top of the host filesystem.

If you choose Proxmox, it can even manage distributed or network storage for you and you can create container volumes on there just as well.

Promox…okay. That’s sounds good. I hope it’s works.

Is there a ready image with proxmox to install without Debian ?


Proxmox is not my thing. I get it not run with my 4 2TB HDDs. Its simply not my thing to config the system. I want to have a raid10 with my system an cloud.


I use a Raid10… it’s possible to create this one in my bios.

It’s possible to use this in proxmox so ?
Recognize proxmox this ? At install soon ?

At my first try I have to choose 1 from 4 HDDs…