Update failed. Automatic update to 12.0.2 was failed


Update was started via web interface and failed with message that rmdir was unable to remove /var/www/html/updater/…/ocs

Now every link on the server writes Update in process. and I can to nothing. How to fix it ?

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Hi Nextcloud Experts,
I’m facing the same issue with my page https://pfadicloud.de . I try to update from 12.0 to 12.0.2 It just ends up with the error that rmdir was unable to remove /var/www/html/updater/…/ocs . Looking in this directory, there are no files at all, except the index.php and the updater.phar. Maybe I should copy there some files? e.g. my backup? Unfortunetly I can’t find out, which files they are looking for. I also changed that index.php to stop throwing Exceptions. But later on, there are another problem which is caused of the first one.

@gosha: For now on you can restore your Back Up. The Updater is copying your cloud before it starts to do any changes. Just move all the files from the folder var/www/data/updater-xxxxxx/backup in your root directory and set in your config/config.php the maintence from true to false again. After that your page will start again.

Nethertheless, I hope someone can help with the update process.

Best Regards