Update error 19.0.13 -> 20.0.14

We try to update an very old version of NextCloud. But updater seems to be very buggy here :frowning:
After several trys we made it from 18 to 19, but now it does not work to upgrade to 20.
First update stopped in step “Create backup”. After uncommenting the backup in updater/index.php we got this message:

We noticed that you request many releases once every hour which stressed our download server quite hard. We blocked access for you for now. To resolve the issue and maybe improve the download scripts you can reach out to the Nextcloud team.{“proceed”:false,“response”:“Download failed - HTTP status code: 429 - URL: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-20.0.14.zip”}

Trying to download the ZIP file manually and skipping the updater->downloadUpdate() it now stops at this point without any message. Even after reactivating the updater->downloadUpdate();

✓Check for expected files
✓Check for write permissions
✓Create backup
x Downloading

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Sorry i can not really help. Maybe you can better install the newest Nextcloud version, create all user user, restore the data an run sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all to read all files to Nextcloud database. Some other things then lost.

Some more tipps. You can run the updater without backup:

sudo -u www-data php /path/to/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar --no-backup

The HTTP 429 error is maybe because of to much requests. Repeat the action.
429 Too Many Requests

Problem is, that hosted on strato server. “sudo” command not usable on ssh command line… :confused:

Depending on your installation a good way might be to move the installation into Docker container (or VM) perform all the upgrades to at least NC26 and migrate the server back (into fresh installed instance or new server).


NC20 is far outdated NC24 is last supported release now and becomes EOL tomorow.

Thanks - yeah I know it’s verrry outdated… we had some problems with PHP support and now reactivated 7.4…

Could it be an option to install a new naked nextCloud system and migrate the old data (like an export <> import function)?

There is no way to transfer data between different versions. This is why I recommend you to do “side install”, perform all the updates and then return to your production server…

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