Update avatars from Social Media


what does “Update avatars from Social Media” this exactly? With DDG I found nothing about the details.

Any idea?
It looks like this does nothing for my contact list. I got not any new avatar.

It’s bugged feature which I don’t understand why it’s still there. To make it work you have to go contact by contact and add Social Network property. There are many options, but most popular like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn I couldn’t make them work. Instagram was the only one that worked for me for a while, but now its also broken.

There is no documentation about it either. Only info I found was some devs discussing about it.

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Hey! Unfortunately some providers changed their api in the meantime.
We need to fix this in the upcoming versions.

I’m interested by this feature but impossible to get this menu :

Update avatar from social network is check, contacts have social network property. Do I miss something ?

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