Update: Audio Player 1.4.1

@Rello and I just released Audio Player 1.4.1 with bugfixes and changes:



  • getID3 to 1.9.13-201612181356 #119
  • search order of cover art #126
  • padding/​margin in share player
  • natural sorting for category lists
  • de + de_DE translations


  • support for ownCloud 8
  • support for PHP <5.6
  • album year from search criteria #116


  • Chrome CSS issue with only one track in album #104
  • correct arrays and remove obsolete functions (thanks @mc-comanescu and @rseabra) #110 #123
  • correct ORDER BY syntax for PostgreSQL database (thanks @Turgon37) #112
  • album cover not written to database #113
  • catch Unicode characters in artist name #118
  • welcome screen not shown at first start #121

Full changelog: https://github.com/rello/audioplayer/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

Available within Nextcloud, in the App Store, and on GitHub.

Bug reports or feature requests: https://github.com/rello/audioplayer/issues


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Are you sure?
Whenever I play the mp3, I always get this message.

AP is not using the audio.svg
Issue is still in progress

I’m not try to hijack the thread.
I thought the issues have been fix, that’s why I posted here!
Since you’re one of the devs, you know the app better than anyone.
As a user, I need to know whether the issue is fix or not. Otherwise, I look into an alternative solution.

I tried to move all topics to the new thread, somehow the forum software doesn’t manage it (times out):

Sorry for having created this mess. For the future, if you have problems, please don’t post them as answer to the announcements. Only stuff which is really related to it. Closing this topic.

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