Update 22.2.6 / .7 & 23.0.3 / .4 blog disambiguation

There is an update available but no version 22.2.7 exists as advertised as of today. Same holds for 23.0.3 and 23.0.4 apparently.

Please correct the Nextcloud Changelog blog if possible.

The news article just was removed (https://help.nextcloud.com/t/nextcloud-23-0-4-and-22-2-7-are-out-bringing-a-series-of-bug-fixes-and-improvements/136032). Not sure what happened. The versions can be downloaded from the changelog page. However, if the news are removed, I’d wait during the day (and the news was for 23.0.4, so they skipped the 23.0.3 for some reason).

For the updater, requests can be cached and updates are not instantly visible.

@tflidd THX for the clarification.

At least for the update I can confirm a smooth upgrade from 22.2.5 running instance.

NOTE on 2022-04-25: The date March 21 2022 of the current Nextcloud Changelog appears to be wrong and stems from the former error in the Nextcloud blog apparently.

This is a glitch.

Happy hacking