Update 22.2.5 - No file in External Folder / Sharing Link cut off

After the Update some External Storage show 0 file inside some folder , when in the repository there are files.
I tried to unlink\link the area but it doesnt show anything.

Also some of the sharing link are turned off.

For the folder problem i resolved creating a “New Folder” inside and Nextcloud has rescan the folder resource.

For the link problem i dont know how to save the “database of sharing” when i do an update of Nextcloud

Can you explain it? Can you post an example? The Nextcloud shares are stored in the database e.g. MariaDB. On update the links are deleted just as little as the user configurations, calendars, … stored also in the database.

So i have to backup the maria db before doing update to save the nextcloud share?
I follow the direction of Nextcloud Updater but i lost some active sharing during the last update , now im waiting to do this update (22.2.6) for fear of losing the sharing.