Update 20.0.7 failed

After reboot server I open the Nextcloud UI and go to my avatar, settings, overview (don’t know the exact English term) and see that 20.0.7 is available, so I click to install
An error occurs: Step 4 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.

When I use the command line occ upgrade
Nextcloud is already latest version

How can I do the upgrade?


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I’m getting this one too - the server shutdown mid-download (power instability) and on boot & return to the web updater page returns this message.

It seems like the page script is not able to restart the actual download?

Checking network usage with nload shows no significant download activity, despite the message on the web interface. Execution of the command line upgrade script below gives the same error.
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

I’m running NextCloud via the Docker containers, and am seeing the same thing - the Admin Overview interface is showing me that the system (as well as occ status) is showing me I’m on 20.0.6 and that an upgrade is available, but when I run occ upgrade (via docker-compose exec -u www-data app php occ upgrade) it returns immediately saying “Nextcloud is already latest version”.

well there is not yet a docker container image for 20.0.7
So docker instances cannot yet be updated. If you are doing the update via the web updater (which does work) you will end up in an error loop once you restart your docker containers because the data will then already be on 20.0.7 but the container will still be 20.0.6. Therefore better do not update until the docker container is available on hub.docker.com
The latest version there is still 20.0.6 updated three days ago.
There are also issues opened in Github concerning the missing 20.0.7 image.
Some checks did run on error there no image could yet be build:

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I was able to update my Docker containers last week (via docker-compose pull && docker-compose rm -sf && docker-compose up -d) last week. Worked a treat. I had to then apply some occ commands, e.g. docker-compose exec -u www-data app php occ [command]. Easy-as.