Update 20.0.4 -> 20.0.8: individual data path identified as "extra files"

I am trying to update from 20.0.4 to 20.0.8 using the webbased updater.

However, the “Check for expected files” fails as my individual data path is identified as an “extra file”.

The following extra files have been found:
* data123...

What can I do to make the updater accept my data path as non-extra file? :wink:

Using PHP-Version: 7.4.14

Thank you in advance!

  • move the data path to a location outsite of the Nextcloud document root.
  • set a symbolic link “data” to your custom data directory.
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I changed my data directory name to the default “data” by:

  • renaming the folder in file system
  • changing data-path in config.php

After that, I was able to update successfully. Thanks.

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