Update 18.0.0 Beta1 to 18.0.0 RC 2


Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:


Debian 9
PHP 7.2

Google, NC Forum, or NC Github, search doesn’t pull up anything, no fixes or more info.
There isn’t much info about 18 out there apparently.

BTW the search for this forum doesn’t work either. You enter what to search for, but no way to execute the search, Enter and no button. You have to go to advanced to complete a search. @Firefox

It’s frustrating when nothing works!

Logs don’t say anything either:

2020-01-16T14:05:35-0800 7L9DckYizl [info] end of checkForUpdate() Update to Nextcloud 18.0.0 RC 2 available. (channel: “beta”)
Following file will be downloaded automatically: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/prereleases/nextcloud-18.0.0RC2.zip
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] request to updater
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] currentStep()
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] POST request for step “1”
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] startStep(“1”)
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] checkForExpectedFilesAndFolders()
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [error] POST request failed with UpdateException
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [error] Exception: UpdateException
#0 /nextcloud/updater/index.php(1330): Updater->checkForExpectedFilesAndFolders()
#1 {main}
[0] => babel.config.js
[1] => .editorconfig
[2] => .eslintrc.js

2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] rollbackChanges(“1”)
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] unlink .step
2020-01-16T14:05:39-0800 rvkWUMzNs9 [info] end of rollbackChanges()


I’m sorry to read, that you had so much trouble.
The error message it’s trying to say, that there are files in your nextcloud installation folder which should not be there.

To solve the please go to the nextcloud install dir by cd command and execute:
ls -al

Search the output for the mentioned files. Afterwards move these files anywhere else. Run the updater again.

Thank you.
Looks like that did the trick, I have no idea what those files are/do.
Figured I’d ask before I deleted them. But saved them as you said, just in case.
Update completed without issue.