Update 13 to 14 failure / write permission

Hi there
i tried to update my NC over the webinterface.

After i click start update, the program check the write permission


  • Check for write permissions

The following places can not be written to:

  • /var/www/vhosts/airloxx.net/dms.airloxx.net/nextcloud/updater/…/.user.ini
  • /var/www/vhosts/airloxx.net/dms.airloxx.net/nextcloud/updater/…/.htaccess

any ideas ?? what this couse
I set the write permission for testing on this sub directory to 0777, but wont work.

But please , no instructions to set the whole nextcloud sub directories and all files on 777 permission.
Its running on a public webserver, this might be a bad idea.

So could someone give me an idea, what this is causing ??
thx for help

The files are perhaps already existing and you need to modify the files as well. Perhaps the permissions in parent folders are not sufficient.

Other idea, the server is blocking hidden files starting with a point, just try to upload one manually.

only the files
are inside this folder