Update 12: size of cloud data wrongly displayed

Hi there,

another problem I am having since upgrading on 12 is that strangely enough in the web interface of my NC 12 superuser, I am seeing that the data is claimed to be using “1.4 GB out of 80 GB”.

Thats odd, because all the data on my cloud is more then 100 GB and the total memory for this superuser is 180 GB.

Any ideas? Is it a problem?

Do you use external storage? You you use soft or hard links in your data-folder?

I just found a solution for this problem at https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/5925/files

basically, you have to go to that folder in your NC installation, change one line in one of the NC 12 files (I am using a text editor) and then save this file back online to the NC installation.

However, after that, you will get another integrity check error - any help here?