Unusual deleting


I want to ask about some strange thing. I am currently using Nextcloud 10 (stable) and I noticed that deleting a file is unusual. You see, I was running some tests and so that I enabled encryption. I added an external storage via sftp also. I was using it for a while, then I disabled encryption via occ. And there is my problem - I cannot delete files from SFTP storage in Nextcloud which were encrypted THEN. So here is my question - why Nextcloud even bothers about encryption of the file if I want to delete it??


Can you provide some logfiles? After disabling encryption, were the files on the external storage decrypted as well?

Idk whether files are decrypted, but nextcloud is trying to decrypt them for sure…

[root@notname ~]# t­ail -2 /var/www/nextc­loud/data/nextcloud.l­og | head -1
app in context”,“mes­sage”:“Couldn’t re-ca­lculate unencrypted s­ize for

Can’t you login on SFTP and have a look at these files. For textfiles is will be very obvious if they are encrypted or not.

Just did. Everything is OK, checked again - deleting is goig fine. However, it takes too long to delete a small file, abou 10-15 secs. Why is that? That is my initial question… :frowning:

I have seen delays of about 1s if the database is not optimized. Perhaps there is an additional delay from the network. If you access via sftp directly from your server, how long does it take to delete files?

Very fast! 1-2 secs, actually.
even more rapidly

real 0m0.131s
user 0m0.012s
sys 0m0.005s