Untrusted certificate https://free01.thegood.cloud

Nextcloud desktop client (Windows 10) cannot connect to https://free01.thegood.cloud due to untrusted certificate. Old GoodCloud account has disappeared so I created a new one. Tried repair and uninstall reinstall but client continues to use https://free01.thegood.cloud rather than the new GoodCloud account at https://use05.thegood.cloud. Looking for a fix.

Perhaps the link is wrong. Please log in your Nextcloud account at The Good Cloud. In Files you can find on the left button the settings for WebDAV. Which host is there listed?

Thanks for responding. The WebDAV setting is https://use05.thegood.cloud.

Contact your hosting provider and ask them to fix the certificate with proper SSL. Then all should be well.

Cracked it! Nextcloud uninstall leaves a lot of stuff, including cfg files in AppData. Deleted the old AppData folder before reinstalling Nextcloud and setup asked for the new server address. Now connected and syncing successfully with no loss of synced files.

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