Untrusted certificate dialog not showing certificate info

I’m running version 3.0 of the desktop sync client on Ubuntu 20.04. and trying to connect to a self hosted nextcloud instance of version 18.0.7 with a self signed certificate. Until a couple of month (with some previous versions of client and server) ago I was able to check the fingerprints when changing something on the client or the server certificate. After a change I was presented with a dialog with the title “Untrusted certificate” showing certificate info including the fingerprints when the desktop client started. Since a couple of month I get a useless dialog with only “Cannot connect securely to my.domain.com” and no additional info on the certificate.

Does anyony have a similar issue or has a fix for that?

Simply reinstalling the client didn’t change anything.
Sorry for not being able to be precise on the version which was working for me.

I’m having the same issue. I’m running the latest version of desktop sync client 3.3.3 on Fedora 34. I’m trying to connect to a self hosted Nextcloud instance of version with a signed certificate by my CA. CA is imported into the trusted CA store. I double checked my server certificate, tested in VM, but the issue occurs only on my system, but dunno why (it is fresh installation). Re-installation the system again is the last option. I have tried everything and I’m constantly getting “Cannot connect securely…” and no additional info on the certificate. Even if I confirm the certificate, the message shows again. Re-installing the client and cleaning a config and cache didn’t help.