Unsychonize options woul be nice

Is there a way ( or would it be possible to get it in a next client-release) to stop synchonization in a subfolder of a synchonized folder so client side files are not deleted, just become independant of serveur side until is is synchonised some time later. It would be useful in case or hard work, reorganisation or so, not to share these uncertains moments with others users. Better, the subfolder unsychorized could be locked as In “Files_lock” app so that other users are informed and can still read documents, but not mixing there changes with ones off the unsychronised user.

Difficult topic, a few don’t like the current behavior but it was never touched. There is also some thinking and logic behind the current version, so you “know” everything in a synced folder is synced. What’s happening if you unsync it, in between there are a lot of files changed, the folder is removed, renamed etc., how do you handle this when you sync it again. File lock could be an option, but what if someone does this by accident on a shared folder (like people open MS Office files on network storages and block it for everybody else).

On the long term, the client is probably moving in the direction of a virtual drive where you always see the full structure.

Happy to be part of an interesting reflexion :wink:

A virtual drive ? Is not it what we gt by connection directly by Webdav ?
What should be different ?

Probably there is different kinds of needs, and a different solution for each one.

  • For exemple, the actual client is very nice as it, for my laptop. When i want ti work on a topic, I choose the ad-hoc folder, synchonize it, do what I have to, asure me that is is resynchonized to my serveur, and then I can unsynchonize (and delete) the folder on my Laptop. If someone could take it I would appreciate it is clean…
  • On another hand, I’m still this kind of dinosaur that most often work on my desktop, better screen, automatic backups every day… it is better ! I use the Nextcloud Client to sen (miror) my work on my Nextcloud server. I appreciate to have this kind of backup, in case the robber or the fire takes my office system , to work when I’m elsewhere, and to easily share some stuff.
    In this case I do not ever want to loose anything on the desktop because off a client configuration mistake. The serveur side would not be uptodate would not be a big problem in comparaison. In some times, as my first message said, It should be better for some moments and some folders.
  • I do not use Webdav as virtual drive. and do not understand how it could be a complement off Nextcloud’s client. I feal it would be an alternative with a different way of organisation, I still can learn somsthing about that :wink:

Thinking about the issues you talk about …

  • On way could be to permit unsychronizing and locking to the owner of the folders only. other users would be advertised if they want to change something, with the possibility to contact the owner and submit their changes. On resynchronization, the owners client as the right stuff to send on the serveur. Anything should stay under control.
  • Another way, for different user-case, would be to time-limit the unsychorization and lock with a default and max time possible for the user, default and max times would be under control of administrator, or folder’s proprietary…
  • Notice, the current assistant for setting a synchronisation is good for my laptop use, but i must skip it for settings on desktop. Maybe a option for this 2 king of usings, at folder settings would be a right approach.

I probabely not analised all isues, but hope that helps …
Have a nive new year.