Unshare / Moving a shared folder (I received) does not work

I did get a folder shared by a user on my nextcloud instance.
It appeared as usual in the root of my account. Previously I was able to move such shared folders to other folders or even “unshare” them, because otherwise the root directory gets really messy over time with all the shared things I receive.

I do not know since when but the last share I received is not able to be moved nor can I unshare/remove it from my account. I always get an error that this does not work.
I am running 16.0.4

Can the person who shared the folder with me, enforce this behavior or is this an expected behavior (even though I think not)



no idea if this is intended or a bug ?


Sorry, no real idea. Could this share be a group folder? Not sure if Group Folders can be moved.
In any way, I’d suggest to talk to you administrator. He should be responsible for the server and for the users like you. He also has the chance to view log files for error messages.

Actually I am the admin of this instance :smiley:
It was not a group folder, just a normal folder shared within the same NC instance. The thing is, that a folder I have edit rights when it got shared, can be moved and renamed, but it seems a folder where the one sharing it, only let me view the folder raises the issue.
In particular I cannot move it nor unshare form it or rename it.

And looking at the logs, I am not quite sure what I should look at :wink: nothing stood out immediately.

It seems some things have changed with 16.0.5

A shared link, I am not allowed to edit can be moved and unshared BUT cannot be renamed (which is still weird behavior)

its weird. Im sure i have moved shared folders in older Versions before:

User A shares folder with eg read only permission to User B
User B can’t move that folder currently

get the message “folder can’t be moved”