Unshare a folder delete local copy issue

We’re running NC 13.0.7.

Yesterday, we erroneously unshared a folder from the web UI (it was shared with a group) and it got immediately deleted from client’s local storage. Is it expected ? We would have expected something a bit less intrusive, especially when there is several tens of gigabyte the re-sync.


Bad news, bad this is expected behavior. If somebody delete or unshare resources - they will be immediately deleted on client side.

Do you have any Idea how it could be implemented in other way?

Notice that there is a distinction between “delete” and “unshare”… In the later why would delete local files ?

For user it is totally transparent if you did delete shared folder, or you did unshared it. It is simply the same - it disappears from his interface and client and therefore locally deleted.

Again, if you have any good idea how it could be implemented differently - please share it.
You can even create new feature request here: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues