"Unresolved conflicts, click for details" > Nothing happens

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install NextCloud client on Linux Mint 20
  2. Sync a large folder containing a bunch of classic games and app data
  3. Try to click on “There are unresolved conflicts. Click for details” in Nextcloud app

Current Results:
In the settings window, the Nextcloud for Linux client (v 3.0.3) says there are unresolved conflicts and prompts to click for details. However, clicking on the message has no result. Screenshot:

Expected Result:
Something should happen when clicking on “click for details”. Ideally, there should be a run-down of the unresolved conflicts.

Can you explain whether I’m doing anything wrong?



A-ha! I should have dug a little deeper into the forums to find the solution to the problem. Looking through the entire folder structure for files with the term “conflict” in them, I found a few marked “Conflicted copy” and after deleting them, I now have the green tick!