Unpredictable Sync Behaviour (Windows Client)


Me and my team are struggling with the client a bit, where unpredictable behaviour has become quite normal. It seems like the client often times does what it wants, but to not generalize, here’s my two cases that keep occuring:

  1. It sometimes syncs excluded folders at random.
    This happens when one of my remote colleagues creates and fills a folder on his drive (that gets synced to mine) which is clearly excluded by our ignore list, it sometimes happens that the folder along with everything in it suddenly appeared on my hard drive, even though the ignore list remained unchanged (for a long time) and exactly excludes this particular folder.

  2. The confirmation for external folders larger than X mb is broken.
    Here is the setting on my sync client:

    And from yesterday to today this was synced:

    Now clearly those folders are larger than 500MB and yet they were synced automatically, except for the largest one (16GB). This is super weird.

Are we doing something wrong here? I would love to use this client, but these bugs are pretty obnoxious.
Thanks for your help and for this otherwise amazing software,

EDIT: Ignore the second account that is set up to the same server, it has no sync configured.