"Unknown user 1 volume1" error on Synology

I have Nextcloud 21.0.3 running on a Synology DS218+ using Web Station, PHP 7.4.9-0006 and MariaDB 10.3.24-0069. I am having issues trying to run the occ command to have Nextcloud update the list of files on a folder. I am able to run the command “sudo -u http php74 /volume1/web/nextcloud/occ files:scan --path /volume1/web/nextcloud/data/6r6w6/files/Documents” but the result I get is “The current PHP memory limit is below the recommended value of 512MB.
Unknown user 1 volume1”.

Is there a better way to have Nextcloud update the list of files/folders inside the data folder everytime a file is modified outside of Nextcloud?