Undo shared directory collision which makes "Folder (2)"

On Windows client server version 12.3 somehow I caused a situation that I cannot undo.

User “fubar” had a folder shared wth them “SharedDocuments”

Through some thing at "fubar"s end they wound up with “SharedDocuments” and “SharedDocuments (2)”. We will call this moment “incident”. What happened, unknown.

“SharedDocuments” was the contents of the folder before “incident” and remains unchanged now - call it “snapshot”. Then "“SharedDocuments (2)” contains the current folder that is being actively synced now.

We want to get rid of the old “snapshot” folder and return “SharedDocuments (2)” to be called “SharedDocuments” on "fubar"s computer.

I tried unshareing this folder, deleting all evidence of “SharedDocumemnts*” on "fubar"s computer. Stopping Nextcloud client. Starting Nextcloud client and then adding the share back.

It synced as “SharedDocuments (2)” and nothing about “SharedDcouments”.

Where can I delete this unwanted shared folder name change?