Understanding official apps Vs apps

I have some nextcloud instances running in a production envirinment. I have installed only Official apps, and I’m interested in some other. I have some question and I hope that you can help me:

  • Whats the difference between official apps and the rest?
  • Are they supported or intended for a production environment?
  • What are the risks of using this apps (unofficial)?

Best regards

Got answer in twitter from NC, so here it is:

Define “production” :wink:
If you mean for home use, both are fine, but you have to keep in mind, the unofficial ones are done by community contributors in their free time and might go unmaintained.

Nextcloud GmbH maintains the ‘official’ ones.

So the official won’t go unmaintained unless we tell people in advance.

However, we don’t support them for free, in a serious enterprise environment I’d suggest you get a subscription.