Understanding of NextCloud

I don’t know if my understanding is wrong or not, please correct me if I am.
So basically an installed NextCloud is a membership website where members can upload/access/delete their own contents, with a graphical user interface.
Am I correct?
Because if I am correct, I think when people are suggesting new features, they can know that the features that a website can have will be more likely to integrate with NextCloud. It will make life so much easier.

I think you are talking about the Apps, that can be added to a Nextcloud: https://apps.nextcloud.com/

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No, I am talking of the basic function of NextCloud, like, what is NextCloud.
Sometimes you see people saying they want a “software’s feature” in NC, which may not be impossible, but wouldn’t it be better if we let people know what NC is at the very core? So that people know what they can expect from it.
Unless my understandings of NC is wrong.

Do you feel that the info at https://nextcloud.com/features/ is not enough?

Also the starting page for the server on Github has an introductory description: https://github.com/nextcloud/server

What else would you like to read? Your suggestions could be useful

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I guess for Philip it’s not about what nc can (already) do, more about what people think/wish it will/could develop towards.

Of course there are limitations, different API etc. pp for websites in comparison to desktop software, but basically there is always one or another way to realise features you find in desktop software for websites also. Just a matter of flexibility and of course programmers work.

So basically it’s not about whether it’s a website or not, more about if users know how easy or difficult it would be to realise their requested feature.

But for my impression there is no reason to somehow limit people in thinking about and discuss new features. Input and ideas, especially from “outsiders” can be extremely valuable. In the end here the community can decide, if it is worth and the developers/maybe a new one, can think of how to realise it, or how to realise something not too far away for time/work effort reasons.


Thank you Michalng, for you explanation.
That makes sense.