Understanding Mail provisioning and concept clarification


I am bit new to nextcloud, from last few days have been looking into it and after trying it out, reading around, I have few concept I need some input on.

I have several user mail accounts hosted on mail server under 4 separate domains (directadmin based), I want them to give access to my NC instance.

Is there way to NC to recognize or accept all those accounts based on existing mail accounts ?

I already tried user_external app, it lets user logged in using IMAP credentials but it has issue :

  1. No user quota limit applied in Nexcloud as they are using IMAP from mail server for authentication.
  2. Still even after using IMAP login, it is not auto-configuring MAIL account .

I then found that from “MAIL” app , there is Settings–> Administrator–>Groupware–>Mail App
There is “Account provisioning”.

I am not sure what does it do ? Does it simply allow to auto-configure mail account if we create a new USER-ACCOUNT in Nexcloud
It is the feature I am looking from where from “matching” domain, if user provide his login credential first time for the IMAP (from my existing mail server accounts on DA) then it will be automatically provisioned in NC ?

In short, I want that existing email accounts from my DA server can be used to access my nextcloud instance so that I don’t have to register each user individually in NexCloud ? Is it even possible ?


if provisioning is enabled, it creates one account for every user. that can be for a static domain/server or dynamic based on the users actual emails address.

the password won’t be asked but taken from the login. hence this is only a usable setup for those who authenticate nextcloud acccounts and imap accounts with the identical credentials.


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