Unchecking Folder while uploading deletes local files

Hi everyone,

I had just put about 3 gb of data in a folder that was nested in an automatically synced folder by the Nextcloud app on my Windows machine. The contents of this folder were only partially uploaded, when I received an error message, telling me that my nextcloud was at capacity. I then excluded said folder from the upload by unchecking the box in the app. This had the entire Folder deleted from my local machine. I was able to re-download the part of the data that was already synchronized from the Nextcloud, but the part of the data that was not yet uploaded is missing. I also can not find any deleted files to restore. What am I missing? This cant be supposed to happen right?


The sync folder is considered to “belong” to Nextcloud. So if you remove a folder from being synced, it is removed from there. So it would have been better to just move the folder out of the sync folder.

However, it should not happen that unsynced files are deleted without warning (even then, it should probably offer to move the folder with unsynced files somewhere else). If that is the case, please submit a bug report on: https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/issues