Unchecked folders will be REMOVED from your file system (again)

I am new to Nextcloud and this forum, so please be gentle. I have just come on discussions (https://tinyurl.com/y7877exo - closed) regarding this message when checking/unchecking folders to sync. I have blundered into the misunderstanding and have deleted significant amounts of my local data. Now when I re-check the folders to sync, they are not being re-created from the Nextcloud server version. I have attempted to Force Sync Now etc. but the missing folders are not restored. How can I restore the local data without downloading every folder (zip) and replacing manually? Any urgent assistance will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Dale

Hi Dale,

for once, you could delete the config in your NC client and re-create it. While doing that, make sure to not check the “perform clean sync” option. This will merge your local and remote data. It might be necessary, to check folders bigger than re default sync size to get them to be synched back to your local client.

Hi Budy,

Thank you for the reply. I am not entirely understanding your suggestion, clearly I need to do a lot more reading. What is not obvious to me: Say I have 10 folders under a single master folder. They were all synced. I un-ticked 5 of them as once they were uploaded, I did not want them to be constantly checked for changes. I now know that this has deleted all of my local data (5 folders). If I now re-tick the 5 folders, they are not being re-created on my local drive. Even given that I misunderstood the message and process as far as deleting local files, I assume that re-ticking the folders to sync would rebuild them locally.

Hi Dale,

have you checked, that the folders still exist and are poplutated in the web interface? If yes, you’d have to delete your local client config. Just remove your account from your local NC client. This will not touch your local data in any way.

Next, re-create your account in your local NC client, but when choosing the sync folder, make sure to only check “keep local data”. Also you may want to uncheck the two options in the upper server section, where it states, that you want to sync all folders, regardlessly of their size.

Thanks Budy,

The web folders are complete. I will try your suggestion on a small test area. Dale

Is there any change coming?
If somebody wants not to sync a folger, e.g. video converting or if there is also a Synology sync folder, this does not mean the local files should be deleted!!!

For comparsion Synology is not deleting local files if not all folders are synced

Deleting local files is grossly negligent!