Uncheck folders does not delete local files

Hi i upgraded to NC 19 and MacOS Client 3.0.1 recently.

Today i unchecked a folder which i don´t wont to be synced locally anymore. Previously, this action cause a deletion of the folder on my local machine while the folder remains on NC server.

Now the local folder remains which is a) confusing and b) could cause conflicts at later check again the folder for sync.

Any thoughts on that?

Kind regards

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I have the same problem with NC 3.4.1 on Windows.
Not only could it cause conflicts, but I’m confused, because I use selective sync to save space on my local drive. But now the “not”-synced folder are not removed.
And if I remove it manually and accidently remove the wrong one (one that’s synced) than the server-version is removed, too :frowning:

This seems to be mentioned here: Stop syncing a folder - local folder not completely removed as well, but also without an answer.