Unchangeable folder structure for projects


I hope I’m in the right thread-category. If not, I’m sorry, please could someone direct me the right one.

We are looking into nextcloud to integrate into our workprocess and here’s the thing we would like to be able to do but don’t know if it’s possible:

For every new project we want to have the same template folder-structure.
What we don’t want is coworkers to be able to delete the folders and only be able to create folders in certain places.

Is that in anyway possible?
Thanks for all your help

Perhaps with some external storage that allows you to set up such a thing (e.g. folder in Linux, give the parent folders the chmod 750, owner root, group www-data).

  • mainfolder (root/www-data, chmod 750)
    – subfolder 1 (www-data/www-data, chmod 750)
    – subfolder 2 (www-data/www-data, chmod 750)

www-data can’t create a new subfolder (directly within the mainfolder), but can do anything within subfolder1 and subfolder2.

Nextcloud itself has a default folder structure for new users. But to make a project management with it, you would need a dedicated app for it. You could create for each project a new user, then you would get the folder structure and can share it. But then you can give either read access or full access (no specification within the folder).