Unable to write to External USB drive

Good aftrnoon,

Firstly, please exuse me but I am a complete newbie on Nextcloud an Unbutnu - I have the following setup

Unbuntu 22.04.1 LTS
Netcloud ver 25.0.4
240gb Internal ssd
5tb external usb drive

The usb drive has been formated as ext4 and has a mount point of /mnt/disk2

I’ve set the drive up in the external storage app in Nextcloud and get a green tick (I’ve also create a folder called disk 2)

I’ve tried to create a test folder in the disk 2 folder and I get an error message of Could not create folder “test”

I presume this is a permissions issue(?)

Can anyone please guide me on how I can grant write permissions to this drive?

Thanks in advance

I managed to sort this now by looking at External storage no permissions to create folders or uplouad files - #2 by Vincent_Stans