Unable to view sharing options

Hi, I am running Nextcloud through Docker on Unraid. It’s up to date currently as well. I access Nextcloud through a reverse proxy via Nginx Proxy Manager.

For a little while now I’ve not been able to create sharing links when accessing Nextcloud through desktop browser, however, I can when using the mobile app.

When I click the ‘View sharing options’ icon, the panel comes in from the right hand side of the page but I just get the spinning wheel of death.

I contacted the container provider, who suggested it could be something to do with how my reverse proxy is configured.

Happy to provide any info required.

Thanks, - Myles

Which logs have you already looked at?

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I’ve looked at the logs in /data/log but don’t understand what’s there to be honest.

Though I’ve just tried to click the ‘Show sharing icon’ again and it’s just worked. I honestly haven’t changed anything so am unsure what’s happened !

Feel a bit silly having posted this, but will close it for now and if issue comes up again, can log a new post.

Thanks, - Myles