Unable to upload videos iOS app with iOS 11 beta

Hi there, new to Nextcloud. I have installed the nextcloud box software on my Pi 3 with my own 2tb external USB drive. I am impressed with the speed but I am unable to upload Videos taken in my iPhone or iPad. In both cases I am using a beta of iOS 11, I can upload the same videos from my laptop without issue. I have tried the OwnCloud app with the same result.

Update. I am able to upload videos from my wife’s iOS 10 with a fresh app install. I guess this is a weird punishment for going beta testing…

The app is not working with iOS 11:

If you want to help to test, please reach out to @ios, some help testing will be probably appreciated.

Ah, that explains it, I will reach out and see if they want more testers… thanks!

Hi, I’m having the same error on iOS 10.3.3… so it seems to be not related to the OS Version…?

Having the same problem with the current iOS 11 Beta 9 while all other instances (Android 7.0, iOS 10.3.3) seems to run fine with current Nextcloud 12.0.2. Deinstalling the app hasn’t worked either, you even cannot reach the URL via the web interface. Maybe indeed the punishment for early adopter’s beta-testing :wink: !

Please report issues with beta version directly to the bug tracker.