Unable to update to the latest beta or daily version

Happy new year to all! Having run a “beta channel” update via the updater which according to the step icons has completed successfully, version number remains the same, any subsequent re-run keeps the existing green tickmark responses and the version number unchanged. Reviewing the expected change after update (correction of PNG/SVG choice in notification e-mail bodies for clients not rendering SVG logo) has not applied.

operating system: CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708
SE Linux: disabled

snapshot included:

up load pictures

Is that an update settings “caching” issue? What is the proposed method to complete the intended update?

I had this exact problem with beta3 / a daily from the 31st (on Fedora). It looks like a bug. I ended up backing up the nextcloud folder, manually replacing it with beta4, then replacing the config.php and running the command line upgrade script. It’s slightly annoying to do but worked fine.

Hello almyp, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford spending more time on this issue, I exported the web app folder and the database for possible future reference and re-installed the latest version.

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