Unable to remove Nextcloud app from Mac desktop

App doesn’t seem to want to be deleted!

Did you check in the Activity Monitor if the app has been closed? If it still show there Force quit it and attempt deletin gthe app again

After posting the issue on GitHub and submitting a support ticket via the “Contact Us” form of NextCloud, I was unable to find a solution. I did some more searching online and finally came across this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEHkK4r7_ks. I followed the steps outlined in the video and successfully uninstalled the NextCloud client from my Mac.

There is another thread that discusses this same issue; see the following:


It’s worth reading, I think, although the issue isn’t resolved any more completely than it is here. I would encourage you to contact the developers directly about this.

Head over to the following to continue discussion: