Unable to recover failed auto upload

Hey, I started to enjoy nextcloud last week. And yesterday trying to upload my photos in Camera/ drove me crazy.

Everything was fine at first, till I lost WiFi connection and re-connected a few hours later. All failed files unable to upload, every time I press that circle arrow.
So I canceled those candidates and tried the following:

  • Press sync. This only refreshes exsiting files. (BTW, really should use checksum, like baidunetdisk. Maybe cache the checksum of big file and compute small’s?)
  • Cancel folder sync and enable it again. Nothing happens, as if nextcloud has marked this folder as already synced
  • Delete remote folder and
    • enable folder sync. Nothing happens, no folders created.
    • enable sync of folder B, still nothing.
    • restore Camera/ folder in the trash. Then enable sync of folder C. now folder C is uploaded but whatever I do, folder B didn’t show up.
  • Upload everything in Camera/ folder is unacceptable, as it contains many big videos.
  • No filters found that can be applied to upload photos only.
  • Tried to create new sync folder, but it doesn’t contain any file type spec option.

These are all possible solutions I can come up with. So may anyone tell me how to correctly do this please, orz