Unable to receive e-mail notifications for proximity events

Hello, I created a session in phonetrack and devices for it. All show fine and I can track things fine. The android phone updates correctly and sends data ok to the server.

My issue is that I tried to setup e-mail notification for “Device proximity events”. Created e-mail notification for less then and bigger than distance in m and saved them but do not receive any e-mail when the condition is met.

I have setup the e-mail notifications and a test email passes fine and I do receive the test e-mail from the system when logged in as admin.

Under settings->administrations->Activity I have checked the last three options for phonetrack.

  1. Change in phonetrack app
  2. Phonetrack geofences events
  3. Phonetrack device proximity events.

What I notice is that on very top view of Activity menu, there is a check box under Notifications that says:

Enable Notification emails. I check this box but once I leave this menu and get out of Activity and come back the setting is disabled and the check box is cleared. I don’t see any SAVE option after ticking on it. Is this an issue and that’s why I do not receive e-mail notifications?

I’m running Nextcloud 20.0.12 if that matters and I do get the push notifications, just no e-mails.

Has anyone had this issue?