Unable to open old locally saved data from Nextcloud

One of my Nextcloud installations crashed. Luckily i’ve created a backup of mij data folder.

The issue you are facing:

  1. When I download the document from the backupped data folder to my desktop and try to open it, the computer says ‘the file is corrupted and cannot be opened’

  2. Also copying all the data back to a new NC installation will not work. If i download the file from the new NC installation, i will receive the same erros message.
    ‘the file is corrupted and cannot be opened’

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y):


Can anybody help me to get mij files back!

How precisely did you back up your data? We can’t read your mind. :slight_smile:

One of the most simple and easiest ways to backup, just copy the Nextcloud data folder to an other folder.

Documents will have the same document name, and still use the same amount of disk space.

But when I try to open it! The program Word, excel Adobe Reader says the document cannot be opened (unreadable) and might be damaged.

That’s it!

How can I provide you with more detailed information?