Unable to open Nextcloud client

After upgrading to from Ubuntu 20.04 to 21.04 I found myself unable to get the client to open up. I had installed the most recent version of the client via apt.

I tried removing and reinstalling the client, but when I try to start the client via the CLI I get the following:
nextcloud: error while loading shared libraries: libnextcloudsync.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I am not able to get any other logs or information, unless someone can point me to where I could go. /var/logs/ doesn’t have anything for nextcloud in it.

The problem is that the Nextcloud client is not able to load one of it’s shared libraries. Probably because the library is not there. That’s probably an issue with Ubuntu. Is libnextcloudsync.so.0 on your system? Did you try to remove the client complete and installed it then again fresh?

If that does not work, then you could look if there is any other file that begins it name with libnextcloudsync.so ? If yes, try to create a symlink named libnextcloudsync.so.0 (in the lib directory) that links to the libnextcloudsync.so

I am not able to install libnextcloudsync.so.0 and only have options for the following two:

libnextcloudsync0     libnextcloudsync-dev

Would either of these work? I have sync0 installed but it isn’t showing anything similar in the lib directory.

Try the follwing: (Open a terminal and type the commands)

sudo apt remove nextcloud-desktop
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install nextcloud-desktop

If that still does not solve your problem execute in a terminal:

sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnextcloudsync.so /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnextcloudsync.so.0

This will create the missing symlink.

weird, it seems to be working now without me having to do the manual symlink. Thank you for the help!