Unable to open/edit any document after fresh install

Hello. I have installed Nextcloud but I cannot open or edit any files by using Collabra or OpenOffice. it just spins. I can open the *.md files. Can someone suggest what to do? I’ve watched a number of Youtube install videos, and read the install docs… no success.

do you have a collabora server set up, or just the client app in Nextcloud?

for Collabora online (seems its called Nextcloud Office now) you need a server component. if you have a small personal installation it migjt be enough to install “built in CODE server” in nextcloud (there is a arm64 version of that as well if you run on such a platform) and then in settings you must configure Nextcloud Office to use built in server.
if you have a bigger installation you might need to install a seperate collabora server instance somewhere and configure Nextcloud Office to use that one.