Unable to move or delete image files via web interface

Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.1)
installed via docker lscr.io/linuxserver/nextcloud:latest
not using external storage or “groups”.
no messages showing up in the log.

If I select one or more files and attempt to move or delete them I receive the,
Could not move “2023060909335601.jpg”
or similar Could not delete message.

This appears to only be an issue with image files (potentially videos too, haven’t tried yet). Which could be an issue with Photos, Memories, recognize, or preview generation, however I’m not finding any log files with more detailed error information.

Could not move... is generated by an exception. There will be a stack trace with clues in your nextcloud.log (located in your NC data directory unless you’ve disabled it or moved your logging elsewhere).

Please monitor the log immediately after / during one of these failing transactions and post the full entry logged.

You may also want to upgrade to the latest NC26 patch release in whatever way is recommended by Linuxserver.io.

Yes, upgraded to lastest release and latest docker. ended up having to do some database maintenance as well after the updates. after all was said and done deleting and moving image files started working again.