Unable to login due to User Disabled

Hello to everyone in the forum,

I tried accessing my NextCloud account today (KMU server) but unfortunately i am unable to login; message under the login details says “User disabled”.

Could anyone from Support help as I have important files there I need to access. Last successful login was last night 30.09.2019 around 21:00 BST

Thanks in advance.


hey @abeato

welcome to the forum.
the forum doesn’t work the way you intended it to work. usually the forum is community-driven. and if we (the community) should be of any help we would need more informations about your instance, which version(s) of software you have enabled, docker, snap or how else you installed it, etc.

but our answers could take a while.

and i see that it seems to be really important to you to get quick help. so i’d suggest

to call nextcloud, inc.

and let them make an offer about what they would charge for their help.

Thanks @JimmyKater , appreciate the swift reply.
I have already emailed cnow.at (providers of the KMU server) and will follow your suggestion as well.

Once again, thank you.

Hi @abeato I also have my files stored with the same provider, here is a link to the hosting company which has a contact link.


Hope this helps you out.