Unable to login as admin

Quick question. I setup NextCloud latest version, and had it running a couple of weeks ago. Nothing on it yet, really. However today I am unable to log in. This is on a shared hosting environment, so going to OCC prompts or command lines is not an option. Quick question: Can I just change the username and password in the config.php file, or would a new clean install make sense?

Anyone? Hello? Help please?

The username and password are set in the database, so putting anything in config.php won’t work. It would look like a clean install if you don’t remember the password (or if for some reason it has changed).

Thanks StephanW. That’s what I ended up doing.

best pracitce idea: set an email in the account after first install and you can reset it then at anytime.

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you can also reset passwords using the occ command line tool.

True but due to his shared hosting situation he doesn’t have command line access, which would make it impossible to change. Only solution would then be re-install.

And yes, setting the email is very important as a fallback to be able to reset it.

Hi Community,

Just got the same issue recently, in the same environment (shared hosting, no SSH access), and discovered that admin login/password doesn’t work anymore: clicking the LOGIN button on the login page doesn’t trigger any action!

Thanks Murphy’s law, I also found out that my FTP access is broken (always get ECONNERROR when trying to login), so I tried to use the “Lost password” option and change the admin password, but to no avail: no action either, the login page seems to refresh but displays the same form again…

I"ve open a support ticket with the hosting provider but what else could I try in the meantime?

Thanks in advance for any help, I’m totally lost!